Romy Chammas

Romy Chammas
Clinical Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian

Academic Records:

February 2013
Level 3 HACCP in Manufacturing – Boecker Public Health
Location: Beirut – Lebanon

July 2012
Nutrition Colloquium – Ministry of Education & Higher Learning
Location: Beirut – Lebanon

November 2011 – May 2012
Dietetic Internship – Middle East Institute of Health
Location: Bsalim – Lebanon

July 2011
Nutrition And Dietetics, Bachelor of Science – Notre Dame University
Location: Beirut – Lebanon
Achieved Dean’s Honor List in 2 Semesters (Fall 2010 – Fall 2011)

Ms Romy Chammas is Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist at GALATEA Cosmetic Surgery and Lifestyle Clinic. Since Beauty comes from perfect balance between body and mind, surgery alone remains limited if it doesn’t reach our patients’ lifestyle. Whether you’re healthy undergoing a VASER 4D procedure, or complaining from health problems, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, obesity or underweight, celiac sprue, renal or liver problems, etc. Romy is here to assist you and guide you for better dietary control of your case, and reaching a healthier lifestyle.

Since October 2013, Ms Chammas is hosted on Al Jadeed TV with Chef Richard Khoury in his live cooking program: Wala Atyab, with live discussion of every day’s diet issues. Follow her on TV for helpful and interesting health tips.