At GALATEA Clinics, beauty is more than a shape


n Greek mythology, a Cypriot artist was seeking true feminine beauty. Deceived in his quest, he sculpted a lady, with all the traits of physical and moral charm. The statue was so graceful and attractive he fell in love with her. He prayed the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, to turn the statue into human being, and so, the mythological enchantress was brought to life. Her name is GALATEA.

At GALATEA Clinics, beauty is more than a shape or a concept and it’s not a template to be done on everybody. Beauty is rather an art of tailoring the best for each body.

Meticulous experience, artistic spirit, advanced technology and harmonious team work, these four elements make the foundations of our high end services. GALATEA professionals are committed to excellence in the cosmetic field and wellbeing.

“I feel good so I can be a better mom to my kids,”

What clients says after the procedure is done

Originally from Zahle, Lebanon, Dr Sassine has already the spirit of the artist, he’s painter and saxophone player. With critical and artistic eye, his hands tailor the beauty to each body, without breaching the natural look, because he believes that the Natural and the Beautiful are twins.

Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist at GALATEA Cosmetic Surgery and Lifestyle Clinic. Since Beauty comes from perfect balance between body and mind, surgery alone remains limited if it doesn’t reach our patients’ lifestyle.